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My name is Taylor (l0vecraftian-bl0nde) and I need help with paying several expenses. I graduated college in May and have accepted my first teaching position. The problem is that the school is 3 hours away from my current residence, and I need to quickly find a place to live! My first day of…

Update: the only apartments that are available are $700 which is REALLY EXPENSIVE at the time being. Please, please reblog! I appreciate the help!

GUYS I ONLY NEED $700 to cover my first month’s rent if I just get that I’ll be able to move and start my first teaching job. I have over 700 followers like please guys I am begging you to help I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity because of money


i don’t know how to respond to compliments so don’t give me compliments but I love getting them please send me compliments

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The first line you lay down in a drawing doesn’t necessarily need to be there when it’s finished, don’t put pressure on just starting an image